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GIA Diamonds are perhaps the most sought after as far certified diamonds are concerned. There are many different Independant labortatories that grade diamonds but the GIA is the most reconized. They are and independant and non profit lab dedicated to protecting the public by providing education and objective, unbiased gem evaluations.

Diamond Weight:

When Buying a diamond first you must determine the actual weight. Diamonds are weighed on a scale that is accurate to 3 decimal places. other measuring devices that are optical can determinetheir proportions, measurements, and facet angles.


Light source and background can have a large effect on the look of the stones color, the color is graded in a standardized viewing environment. Color grading is an opinion based grading system, there for not every person will grade the stone the same.


Clarity is graded with 10x magnification under standard viewing conditions. The preliminary grader carefully examines the diamond to locate clarity/finish characteristics and evidence of any diamond treatments, such as fracture filling or laser drilling.

Initially, a grader assigns an opinion of the diamond’s clarity, polish and symmetry, then plots the clarity characteristics on a diagram most representative of the diamond’s shape and faceting style, which is selected from a database of hundreds of digitally stored diagrams. During this step, the grader verifies all previously captured weight and measurement data and assigns written descriptions of the diamond’s culet and girdle thickness. For a round brilliant cut diamond, this measurement data, along with polish and symmetry assessments, is used to determine its GIA Cut Grade. Additional steps, including examinations by additional graders, are also taken during this grading process, and all others, to locate and identify clarity/finish characteristics and to check and double check for indicators of known diamond treatments and synthetics.

Depending on the diamond’s weight, quality, and the agreement of grading opinions, additional quality assurance process steps are also performed. More experienced staff gemologists may review all of the previous grading information and render independent clarity/polish/symmetry opinions. Grading results are finalized once there are sufficient agreeing opinions.


GIA provides a cut quality grade only for standard round brilliant diamonds that fall in the GIA D-to-Z color range.

The color and clarity grading process is based on the diamond’s proportions (measurements and facet angles), along with polish and symmetry descriptions, A diamond’s fire, scintillation (sparkle and pattern), brightness, weight ratio, and durability, as well as polish and symmetry, are all considered for the final grade of said diamond



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