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Information about Selling Your FANCY YELLOW DIAMOND

When a person is looking to sell their Yellow Diamond or Jewelry with Yellow Diamonds in it, it helps to have some understanding of how they are evaluated.

Yellow Diamond Color Scale

The Color of a yellow diamond barring obvious clarity, cut, or brilliance issues, is the most important factor of all.

The Diamond Color Scale Starts at a letter which many readers know "D", it is the most colorless diamond there is on the grading scale. This means it has the least amount of nitrogen compared to other diamonds. At the other end of the letter spectrum is The lighter yellow shades, U-V, W-X and Y-Z . If a diamond has more yellow than Y-Z range, the next shade is called Fancy Light Yellow. The grading scale progresses to the deeper yellows, Fancy Yellow, then Fancy Intense Yellow, and finally Fancy Vivid Yellow (This is the most intense color a diamond can have on the grading scale)

There are also Fancy Dark Yellow and Fancy Deep Yellow. Fancy Deep and Fancy Dark Yellow stones are generally less prized than Fancy Vivid Yellow, although this is not always the case.

Diamonds are graded by comparing the color to other diamonds, this can be done from the face up view or profile view to see the body color.

Color Intensities Can Vary Widely Even In Same Color Grade

There are wide color ranges possible within a selected Yellow Color Grade. Each Color Grade is actually a range. For example some D color diamonds are actually whiter than other diamonds graded D color. As you get into yellow stones the range gets wider. The reason is that undertones of the color that are not classified as modifying colors can come into play.

In the photo below you can see the five different Fancy Yellow Graded Diamonds, The Last Three are Fancy Vivid, and as you can see they vary in color. The difference in value between the best one and worst one can be very significant. This is why it is impossible to determine the price of a diamond without seeing it in person and having experience in seeing thousands of stones that are graded the same.

Buyers Of Fancy Yellow Diamonds Including Rings, Jewelery, Bracelets, Neckalces, Ect.


Color Purity

The deepest colored diamond graded Fancy Vivid Yellow is not necessarily the most desirable. Once we reach the level of Vivid Yellow, there can be many factors that affect the desirability.


Some Yellow diamonds can have brown hues or secondary colors. Brown can have a huge negative effect on the market value of a Yellow Diamond. There are many stones with these subtle undertones that are not graded with the brown secondary color but still are present and affect the stone and the value.

Secondary colors

If the secondary color is strong enough, there may a modifier to the color grade . The secondary colors are most common are Fancy Green(ish) Yellow, Fancy Orange(y) Yellow , Fancy Brown(ish) Yellow.


The fluorescence of a diamond can have a great effect on the stones value and beauty. There are many different levels of strength of fluorescence ranging from None to Strong. The ecact scale is None, Faint, Medium, Strong, Very Strong. Aside from the strengh there can also be different color fluorescences such as blue, yellow, white, brown, ext...Two diamonds with strong blue fluorescence can have a different amount of impact on the stones beauty thereby effecting there prices differently.

After you determine the above there are still other factors to take into account. These factors include, cut, clarity, and more.




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